It’s Time to Regain control over your diet and improve your relationship with food.

Are you tired of eliminating food groups and feeling deprived?

Are you frustrated by not knowing what to eat and when? 

Are you unsure of what to eat to fuel your workouts?

Do you feel sluggish after you workout? Or are your ravenous all day long?  

Do you want to achieve your health goals by eating better?

Do you want to improve your cholesterol levels, drop your A1C, lower your blood pressure?


If you said yes to any of these, Nutrition Counseling may be for you! 

Nutrition Counseling can help you achieve your health goals. whatever they may be.

Abby and Stacey are Registered Dietitian Nutritionists who work with clients to achieve their individual health goals. They take a fresh approach to nutrition by teaching clients to eat better, not eat less. Abby and Stacey met in 2010 while working in a local community hospital. Stacey was concentrating on developing her clinical expertise and Abby was pursing a PhD in Nutrition Sciences. Ten years later, they opened their own practice, ForwarRD Thinking Foodies. Their anti-diet approach will teach you the fundamentals to understanding nutrition so that you will feel satisfied, nourished and never deprived.

Whether you want to improve your health, learn more about nutrition, or need to refresh your relationship with food, Abby and Stacey can help guide you there.