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Elkins Spark Cycling Studio is a boutique cycling studio which provides individual attention, state of the art  cycling equipment and inspirational instructors to help motivate you to reach your fitness goals. From start to finish you will feel welcomed and comfortable riding with us. We strive to make your riding experience challenging, exhilarating and fun.

We offer  a wide range of classes from a 30 minute beginner classes to expert classes that challenge the most competitive of athletes. The workouts are safe, non-impact, high intensity and  burn more calories than traditional exercise bike workouts.

There are no memberships to buy making this an excellent way to supplement  an existing exercise routine, cross train and add some excitement to your workouts.  Simply pick the class you want and enjoy the ride!!

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Intelligent Projection System

Using technology to improve the indoor cycling experience.

What are the Benefits of Intelligent Training?

A cyclist, who is fully engaged in an indoor ride experience, will benefit by getting fit and healthy while strengthening their commitment to exercising. Using different tracking systems is a great way to keep your cycling participants focused and motivated. Intelligence is not meant to take away from your role as the coach or instructor; rather the goal is to enhance both the education and feedback process.


Using technology to improve the indoor cycling experience.


Creates friendly competition.


Inspires riders to cycle harder.


Provides instantaneous feedback.


Keeps riders intrigued.


Feedback shows improvement.