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Pilates Reformer Training

Pilates Reformer uses all the exercise techniques of Pilates to create an intense workout that targets the entire body. It can strengthen your arms, legs, abs, lower back, hips and glutes. It can lead to better posture, graceful movement and a relieve of pain associated with physical imbalances.

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Post-Rehabilitation Personal Training

Our trainers have the experience and expertise to take over from your doctor or therapist. We’ll assess your fitness, review your health history, discuss your goals, and consult with your medical team, all to develop a program that will help you safely reach your full potential. Post-Rehabilitation does not purport to provide any aspect of medical treatment.

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TRX Suspension Training®

TRX Suspension Training was born in the Navy SEALs, but people at every fitness level now use it to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. It does all this simultaneously using the weight of your body. It has a scientifically proven total body health benefit, increasing heart health as well as building strength & flexibility.

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Group Fitness

We are a group of people with one goal: Improving our health! Join us in one of our many classes and see for yourself

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