The first step in our process is to meet with a prospective patient/client to discuss the nature of their injury and the history of their rehabilitation process.  By discussing your history and injury, it provides us with perspective on how we can personalize the most ideal fitness plan to suit your rehabilitation process.


The next step in our process is to talk with the former PT.  This is a crucial step in transitioning the rehabilitation process over to our team, as, based on insurance policy, patients may only have access to a limited number of sessions with their PT; patient are often denied access to continued service before they are strong enough to function efficiently on their own.

We bridge the gap between wherever their provider left off and where they want to go, building strength post injury.


Then, we get to work. Our goal after transitioning a patient from the PT they receive via their insurance providers is to be seamless; we are a continued partner in a patient’s rehabilitation process. We work tirelessly to ensure our patients receive the attention and structure they deserve, while rehabilitating their injury to the point where they are strong enough to be able to integrate into our training classes.

Our team members have diverse backgrounds in exercise physiology with subsets of training in therapeutic exercise.   We’re here to bridge the gap and get you back on your feet!