Pilates Reformer Training

What is Pilates Reformer Training?

Pilates Reformer training is a low impact, demanding workout, that incorporates resistance and multi-plane direction.  Assistance and resistance is what we call it- springs within the reformer work to either assist or resist the user in their motions. 

Light springs can be more difficult than heavier ones in this style of workout, as direction and angle ultimately influence specified smaller muscle groups. The workouts are low to the ground, but not on the floor, making accessibility for low-range-of-movement clients ideal,  Stretching and range of motion are paramount, while mind-fullness, precision, concentration, and breath work are present as well. 


The principles learned in Pilates can ultimately transition into providing positive health habits in the rest of your life.  Working to build conscious awareness of one’s core, range of motion and breath can help Pilates practitioners with posture at work or in the car, overall balance, flexibility, and even help improve energy levels.


Our Pilates Reformer training services are offered for in pairs or one-on-one private options. The Pilates Reformer training we offer is great is physically therapeutic, engages the full body, and challenges new muscle groups.  Often times, athletes use this method of training because of it’s implementation of the inside out principal. 

The ‘inside-out ‘principal refers to the philosophy that strength is built from the core; Pilates helps drive awareness of core strength and the stabilization of the pelvis and rib cage, ultimately assisting athletes in their development.