Group fitness with Elkins Spark is more than just a category- it’s a lifestyle.  We offer anything from cycling, to live power and RPM stats to drive competition and help groups monitor their progress.

Our workouts are dynamic, fun, engaged, and most of all, effective.  Utilizing the group dynamic to drive energy and interaction, our trainers design, implement, and run the most ideal workout based on the health, history and experience of the select groups.  Because group workouts should be custom.


Our group fitness training options are ideal for local high school sports teams, club teams, and even rec teams.  The reason why our team training exceeds alternative options is because our trainers analyze each player on the team indivdually when implementing a group workout.  Often times, school training tactics rely on mass training tacts, such as implementing team ‘suicides’ after practice, requiring a set mile time for the members of their team, or utilizing team lifts, where players lift the select muscles on select days.

This methodology is not the most effective way to prepare a team for victory. Our strategy is to prepare individuals within the team dynamic, a different tactic than the one-size-fits-all training methods employed by high schools and club managers.  We focus on individual goals, strengths and positions when training players, so as to best prepare them to succeed within the structure of their team.


One of the most important factors within our group fitness dynamic is the presence of sports psychology within the functioning of the workouts.  Fact is, people work harder when they’re motivated by their peers- motivated by the success of the group.

By structuring our workouts to best compliment the energy, mentality and unified goals of the group, and then relying on the existing chemistry that manifests itself through unified work ethic toward a common goal, we deliver an unparalleled group workout experience.