Frequently Asked Questions

When you start a new fitness routine, you are bound to have questions. Here are a few that we’ve been asked. But by all means contact us here if we haven’t addressed yours!

Q: Why should I get a Personal Trainer?

A: Personal training offers a safe, custom education, personalized fitness plan, a spotter for your exercises, a motivator and faster results.


Q: What are the benefits of staying hydrated?

A: Staying hydrated helps muscles and joints to work more efficiently, promotes cardiovascular health, improves stamina, allows you to sweat more, and even keeps your skin healthy.


Q: What is Sports Psychology?

A: Sports Psychology studies how psychological factors effect performance in athletics and physical performance.


Q: What are the benefits of stretching?

A: Stretching can improve range of motion, increase your flexibility, increase blood flow, improve posture, and prevent injuries.


Q: How do I incorporate Cardio into my workout?

A: Including sprints in between your sets, lengthening the time of your workout, or decreasing your resting intervals can all directly work to improve your cardiovascular endurance.


Q: Am I Overtraining?

A: The telltale signs of overworking are pain (not soreness,) decreased endurance, slower reaction times, and even injury.  If you think you’re overworking, take a break; your body is telling you something.


Q: Why am I not losing weight?

A: Losing weight typically comes down to such factors as hydration levels, daily caloric intake, exercise habits, and meal times.

Drinking water naturally suppresses appetite,  and can even help your body burn calories faster, while .  Limiting your daily caloric intake can also contribute to weight loss, and doesn’t necessarily have to involve eating less food.  Eating more vegetables and high nutrient foods can provide you with the calories you need without leaving you hungry. Varying the exercises you do can substantially contribute to losing weight as well.  Finally, staggering your meals so that you eat large, high protein breakfasts, and smaller dinners can also contribute to ensuring you’re burning calories instead of sleeping on them.


Q: Why can’t I gain weight?

A: Part of the reason may be your diet.  Incorporating more carbohydrates and protein into your diet can help contribute to muscle and weight gain.


Q: How does membership work?

A: There is no membership at ESF! You pay as you go, so you can decide your schedule and what you want to pay for.


Q: What time should I arrive for a class?

A: Usually you want to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of class. Especially if it is your first class experience, we want to meet you, and make sure you are all set up.


Q: Should I bring my own water?

A: You can, most of our clients do. We also have bottled water available for sale in case you forget, and a water cooler for refills.


Q: What should I wear to workout?

A: Comfortable, breathable gym clothing and sneakers. You don’t need a towel, we have those! We do suggest that you refrain from aftershaves or heavy perfumes, you are guaranteed to sweat a lot!


Q: I can’t make my class, can I get a refund?

A: We cannot refund anyone that cancels within 24 hours of the class.


Q: What if a class I scheduled is cancelled?

A: We’ll contact you directly if for some reason your class has been postponed or cancelled.

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