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It’s our expert trainers. The latest, high-quality equipment. The supportive, community focused environment. We’re a destination of power and confidence. The important factors you need to achieve your fitness goals.

About Elkins Spark

Elkins Spark Fitness is a community based on energy and health.  We are a full service personal gym, with no intimidation, no monthly commitments and complete transparency,  We are committed to educating and training the community through fitness, while providing an unparalleled experience.  Our staff are specialized, diverse and engaged, and our commitment to individual growth is unmatched.  At Elkins Spark Fitness, you’re not just a number; you’re a mother, a son, an uncle.  You’re an athlete.

Located in the Yorktown Plaza, Elkins Spark is within walking distance of both the community and other local businesses, making our mission to bring accessible, specialized fitness to the community all the more possible.

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